• Pre-Litigation Counseling
  • Litigation Advice and Representation
  • Restraining Orders and Injunctions
  • Business Matters (Negotiation-Preparation)
  • Leases (Residential-Commercial-Industrial)
  • Contracts (Purchase-Sale)
  • Deeds
  • Secured Transactions
  • Writs of Attachment
  • Escrow Review

Pre-Litigation Counseling

As we have often stated, we consider ourselves to be problem solvers. If you have a legal problem we can help you try to solve it. Litigation may or may not be the answer. A letter or telephone call from our attorney may be enough to resolve the dispute. This would, of course, save you time and legal fees. However, we also recognize that, sometimes, the other side may be difficult and a conciliatory approach may not work. We will analyze your problem with you to determine if filing a lawsuit is your best course of action.

Litigation Advice and Representation

If you decide that a lawsuit is the appropriate course to follow, be assured that we are ready to vigorously prosecute (or defend) any action in which you become involved.

Restraining Orders and Injunctions

We are experienced in obtaining restraining orders and injunctions in a variety of factual and legal situations, which include, among other things, appointment of a receiver.

Business Matters

An attorney will prepare your legal documents for you, and/or review and revise those documents if they were prepared by someone else. We can, if you request, negotiate on your behalf to resolve any actual or potential conflicts between you and the other side.


We will draft a lease for you, customized to fit your specific needs. Whether the lease is for residential, commercial or industrial premises, or even vacant land, we can prepare the appropriate lease or rental agreement. We do not use pre-printed "boilerplate" or "one size fits all" leases such as those which are available in a stationary store or on line.


We can prepare your business or personal contracts prior to their execution, to ensure that your interests are protected. Or, we can review your existing contracts to advise you about your rights.